Steubenville Forms

If you need Steubenville SD 2018 forms, then you can print them by clicking the link below. This event is worth going to, trust me! There’s lots of worship, community and of course, prayer. You can also see last year’s talks by visiting This Post.

Click Here to Open the Steubenville Form

Steubenville is open to teens attending high school in the fall of 2018. It is also open to young adults ages 18-23. See the form or visit The Official Website for Details.

Steubenville 2017 Talks are now Live!

Life Teen at Christ the King – Christ the King Catholic Church

Hey, everyone, I have some great news! Whether you’re thinking of going to Steubenville for the first time this year, or simply want to give the talks another listen, you’re going to be excited for this!

The Steubenville YouTube Channel just uploaded the 2017 talks! You can view them right now for free by clicking the below link.

Click Here to View the 2017 Talks!

I’m already anxious to watch all the talks I didn’t attend last year. Happy Listening!