New Life, New Beginnings

Yesterday, we celebrated Pentecost (aka the Birthday of the Church). This day also marked the end of the Easter season. Fifty days of celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus culminated in a big birthday party as we thanked God for the gift of the Holy Spirit, our divine Companion on our journey Heavenward, and the establishment of Holy Mother Church according to Our Lord’s will! Did you have a birthday cake this weekend? Hope so! 🙂

The Easter season goes without saying as a time to celebrate new life. I mean, come on: Christ’s resurrection (!!!), spring’s budding flowers, animal babies everywhere… and Pentecost of course, is when the Holy Spirit breathed new life into the Apostles and gave them the courage and boldness and zeal to go out and spread the Gospel — to live their mission with renewed faith and determination with Him as their divine Guide.

So it’s fitting that we resurrect this Youth Ministry website now (I meant to do it yesterday, on Pentecost, but I missed my window!). We’re rededicating our website to God and inviting Him to enter in to lead us as we write posts and create content with renewed faith and determination just like the Apostles did back in the day.

Please send up a prayer for us (my leadership team and I) as we get back up and running here online. May God be glorified in and through us all!


Pia Kayo

Coordinator of Youth Ministry