Thanks for a Great Year!

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for a great year! (2017-2018) We made so many fun memories, and the Leadership team is already looking to make next year just as fantastic! As we take a break over the summer, keep a look out for a slideshow recap of these past months on our brand-new YouTube channel. This presentation will be split into several parts, mainly divided by event. There isn’t anything up there at this time, but you can still check it out and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss anything. I will also post here whenever a new part is live. Here’s to a fantastic new “school” year!

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Friendly Reminder: Pancake Breakfast

Hi, this is Aidan. This is just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the Pancake breakfast. If you plan on going to Steubenville San Diego, please come tomorrow to help out- we need all hands on deck to make this a success. Please see the below Flocknote Post for the deets. See you all there!

Hi, everyone!

The Pancake Breakfast is this Sunday! Please see the note below for the details. 🙂

Our Sending Mass will be on Sunday, July 22 at the 8:30am Mass. This will be followed by a family gathering in the social hall immediately after Mass, where we’ll go over final details for the conference. Watch your email for more info as the date draws nearer.

Please plan to attend Mass on Saturday at 5:00PM so that you can work the fundraiser for the whole of Sunday morning. We need ALL hands on deck to make this a success — raising funds, yes, but also (and equally importantly) sharing with our parish family what we’re about to experience and why we want to go.

It’s also vital that we work this event all together so that we get to know each other a little better before the conference. We have new group members as well as Steubie veterans, and every one of you is important!

Let’s make this fundraiser a fun day and successful event in every way that God wants it to be.

All-Youth BBQ on July 15th

Exciting news! The End of the Year Barbecue is still going to happen this year! Come to St. Timothy’s on July 15th for a great summer celebration from 1:00-4:00pm. We are counting on all of you for the desserts and sides. We’ll provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, and the paper goods! Please fill out the form below so we know who is coming and how many of each item to expect. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you all there!



So I haven’t been back in a while. Because…. reasons. So many youth activities and too little time to unpack them all afterward. Sorry about that!

In today’s Gospel, we heard about the synagogue official’s daughter who Jesus raised from the dead at her father’s pleading, due to his faith in Jesus’ power to give life. Father Fernando informed us that the word used in the original language of this Scripture reading for, “Get up” means, “Arise!” as in, “resurrection”.  As in, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead! Like, He wasn’t just telling her to get out of bed; He was telling her to rise and live a new life. What?? Mind blown!!

It’s fitting that this was the Scripture that we heard proclaimed today. Because Aidan and I are finally jumping back into the blogosphere on this website. So our website has not been dead but only sleeping and now it’s time to arise!

Enjoy Aidan’s upcoming blog post. We’ll be back with more!