So I haven’t been back in a while. Because…. reasons. So many youth activities and too little time to unpack them all afterward. Sorry about that!

In today’s Gospel, we heard about the synagogue official’s daughter who Jesus raised from the dead at her father’s pleading, due to his faith in Jesus’ power to give life. Father Fernando informed us that the word used in the original language of this Scripture reading for, “Get up” means, “Arise!” as in, “resurrection”.  As in, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead! Like, He wasn’t just telling her to get out of bed; He was telling her to rise and live a new life. What?? Mind blown!!

It’s fitting that this was the Scripture that we heard proclaimed today. Because Aidan and I are finally jumping back into the blogosphere on this website. So our website has not been dead but only sleeping and now it’s time to arise!

Enjoy Aidan’s upcoming blog post. We’ll be back with more!



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